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First Computer Mall in Hong Kong with Wireless Internet Connection
by Aolynk of Huawei-3Com

Hong Kong, 16 March 2005 - Mongkok Computer Centre and Huawei-3Com had hosted a joint-event to announce and celebrate the success and full launch of wireless Internet connection in Mongkok Computer Centre. Wireless connection is now ready in the whole computer centre, this is extremely convenient for the retailers and customers to experience and understand the superior benefits of wireless connection brought by Aolynk of Huawei-3Com.

Mongkok Computer Centre is HK's first and only computer mall with wireless Internet connection, free of roaming charge to the public. Mr. Lam, spokesman of Mongkok Computer Centre remarks, "We decided to choose Huawei-3Com to install wireless connection because Aolynk of Huawei-3Com can provide a full series of wireless products with superior performance in reliability, speed and security. Aolynk is easy to install, compatible with international standards, offering feature-rich functions to satisfy various application needs. Located in the busiest district, Mongkok Computer Centre is a most popular computer mall in Hong Kong. To make sure the public benefit the most from the wireless connection, a reliable network is of great importance. Aolynk of Huawei-3Com can satisfy all the requirements for this connection." Mr. Lam identifies Huawei-3Com as the best partner in providing total solutions in wireless connection.

Huawei-3Com is an enterprise networking company, created as a joint venture by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, a global leading telecom network provider, and 3Com Corporation, a renowned enterprise network manufacturer. Huawei-3Com offers enterprises a full portfolio of IP-based networking products and solutions, including routers, switches, firewalls, wireless LAN & VoIP. Huawei-3Com is proud to be one of the very few providers in the world that can truly offer end-to-end IP solutions.

The Aolynk wireless series by Huawei-3Com include Broadband Wireless Gateway, Tri-Band 802.11a/b/g Access Point, Wireless USB Adapter and Wireless LAN Cardbus. In this information era, it is mandatory to keep close contact with the Internet every moment, going wireless is not just a technological trend but also a daily necessity. Aolynk wireless products and solutions offer customers internet access anytime, anywhere to enjoy total freedom in connection.

Wireless terminal equipment is becoming more and more in demand nowadays, many end-users especially SME and SOHO customers enjoy visiting computer centres for the most updated products in town. When wireless connection is available in the shopping centre, retailers find it more convenient to demonstrate the benefits and operation of computing and wireless devices in front of the customers. Many retailers in the centre welcome the wireless connection provided by Aolynk of Huawei-3Com, they believe the customers will feel more interested in experiencing the easy wireless connection of Aolynk products.

Every day, over 10,000 customers in Mongkok Computer Centre will benefit from the Aolynk wireless connection. Located in the busiest area in HK, it has 3 floors and over 70 shops. The great success of Aolynk wireless connection in Mongkok Computer Centre demonstrates the professional strength of Huawei-3Com.

Aolynk is already massively deployed in the SME commercial sector as well as school campus. The wireless series for home users is now rolled out in the retail level with enthusiastic response from customers. According to independent product reviews, Aolynk has achieved high rating in performance with encouraging remarks.

Wireless LAN Cardbus WCB300g
Wireless USB Adapter WUB300g
Tri-Band a/b/g Access Point WAP500ag
Wireless Gateway WBR204g
Tri-Band a/b/g Wireless Cardbus WCB500ag
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First Computer Mall in Hong Kong with Wireless Internet Connection
by Aolynk of Huawei-3Com
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